Random Map Generator

The Random Map Generator (RMG) is a tool being developed for OP2 that will randomly create playable maps and take user input to create maps from sketches. It is still in development.

RMG Status

The Map:
Primary Tiles: Completed
- White Completed
- Orange Completed
- Black Completed
- Dark Black Completed

Secondary Tiles: Completed
- Vegetation Completed
- Wavy Orange Completed
- Rough Black Completed
- Ice Sheets: Completed

Cliffs: Started
- Cliff Generation Completed
- Cliff Tiling Started

Doodads: Not Started
- Volcanoes Not Started
- Rocks Not Not Started
- Cracks Not Started
- Wreckage Not Started

The Mission:
Mission Details: Started
- Cell Types Completed
- Base Layouts Not Started
- Base Path-checking Not Started
- Second Game Setup Dialog Half-Done


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