Forsaken World

Forsaken World is a survivor map (listed as a space race). It takes place on the map known as 'Axen's Home'. As with all survivor maps, the goal is to launch a complete starship. There are two versions of this map; each of them have different features.

4-Player Version

This is version includes the same food and evacuation transport code Crossfire has, you need to remember to evacuate food in cargo trucks and enough evacuation transports for your colonists. If all of your agridomes are destroyed, your food storage is set to the total food stored in cargo trucks. This ammount then becomes your food storages and falls untill you starve or build a new agridome. Evacuation transports are needed to hold colonists if all of your buildings are destroyed; each transport holds 25 people. Colonists are loaded into transports in this order: Scientists, Workers, Children. This version also has lava in it. The lava wipes out parts of two of the starting bases around the same time the blight gets them. The lava also slows the blight down a bit, so this mission plays for a bit longer.

5-Player Version

This is version does not have the food and evac code in it or the lava code. However the player starting bases are shuffled up before the game begins. This is a good map to play if you don't want to have to manage food and evacs while looking out for lavaflows.


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