Scout Rush

Scout Rush is a 6 player Last one Standing map that takes place on the Plymouth 12 campaign map. It is mindless fun more or less. Build as many Scouts as possible and rush your enemies. Everything dies instantly. You can build walls with Earthworkers and Guard Posts with ConVecs. Odd numbered players (1, 3, and 5) are forced to be Eden, and even numbered players (2, 4, and 6) are forced to be Plymouth. Enable "Morale Steady" to be able to build Lynx. Disasters are in this map, and it is rumored there are some very interesting disasters... Your Resources Setting determines what weapons are available for production:

Low Resources:
Eden: Lasers
Plymouth: Microwave

Medium Resources:
Eden: Lasers, Rail Gun
Plymouth: Microwave, RPG

High Resources:
Eden: Lasers, Rail Gun, Thor's Hammer
Plymouth: Microwave, RPG, StickyFoam, Supernova

Starflares are always available for both colonies.